Operador Nacional do Sistema Elétrico (ONS)


The National Electric Systems Operator (ONS, its acronym in Portuguese) is the body responsible for coordinating and controlling the operation of electricity generation and the transmission facilities of the national interconnected grid, under the supervision and regulation of the National Electric Energy Agency (ANNEL).

In order to exercise their legal obligations and fulfill their mission, The National Electric Systems Operator has developed a series of studies and activities to be carried out on the system and its agents in order to manage the supply of energy in order to guarantee the security of continuous supply throughout the national grid. They are made up of associate members and participating members; from the areas of generation, transmission, distribution and also large free consumers. Participating also are importers and exporters of energy, in addition to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME).

The ONS is a legal entity under private law, in the form of a non-profit civil association, created on August 26th, 1998 under law 9.648/98, as amended by Law 10488/04 and regulated by Decree No. 5.081/04.

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