Câmara de Comercialização de Energia Elétrica – CCEE


The Electric Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE its acronym in Portuguese) enables energy purchasing and sales activities throughout the country. It progresses talks focused on market evolution while being guided by the pillars of fairness, transparency and reliability.

Main responsibilities

The CCEE is responsible for the accounting and financial settlement for the short-term energy market. The institution is responsible for calculating and disclosing the net difference , which is used to value the purchase and sale of energy.

Among the main powers of the institution are:

  • To implement and disseminate rules and procedures for trading;
  • To manage contracts for the Regulated Contracting Environment (ACR, its acronym in Portuguese) and the Free Contracting Environment (ACL in Portuguese);
  • To keep recorded data of energy generated and energy consumed;
  • To carry out auctions for the purchase and sale of energy on the ACR, under mandate from ANNEL;
  • To carry out reserve energy auctions, under mandate from ANNEL, and to make financial settlements for the contracted amounts from those auctions;
  • To determine infractions which are committed by market agents and calculate penalties;

To serve as a forum for the discussion of ideas and policies for market development, to facilitate dialogue between agents and  sector authorities on policy formulation and regulation.

 Avenida Paulista, 2.064 – 13º andar

 Bela Vista – São Paulo/SP CEP: 01310-200