Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica (ANEEL)


The National Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL, in its acronym in Portuguese) is an authority, under special regime linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, created to regulate the Brazilian electricity sector, by way of Law No. 9.427/1996 and Decree No. 2.335/1997.

ANEEL began their activities in December 1997, with the following main powers:

  • To regulate the generation (production), transmission, distribution and commercialization of electric energy;
  • To supervise (directly or through agreements with state agencies) the concessions, permits and services of electric energy;
  • To implement the policies and guidelines of the federal government regarding the exploitation of electric power and the use of river sources;
  • Establish tariffs;
  • To address differences at the administrative level between agents, and between those agents and consumers, and to

Progress the concession of grants, permits and authorizations given for activities related to electric power projects and their services, by mandate of the Federal Government.

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