The Santa Catarina Association of Companies for the Development of Renewable Energy (ACEDER, its acronym in Portuguese), is a legal entity under private law, a non-profit institution that brings together entrepreneurs and supporters for the generation of electric energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydropower, biomass, gas and urban and rural waste. The objectives of ACEDER are: to unite, to represent and to defend interested parties in renewable source electric energy generation projects; to act in line with other related associations, and with regulatory bodies both directly or indirectly, in granting environmental licenses, financing and with the generation and trading of energy.

People Responsible:

Carlos L. Kreuz – Chief Executive Officer

Luciano Quadros – Technical Engineering Director

Leandro Baucke – Technical Director of the Environment

Rode Martins – Legal Technical Director

Nuno Cardoso – Managing Director

 Rua Patrício Farias, 131 sl. 401 – 5° Andar

 Ed. Multicenter – Itacorubi
 Florianópolis/SC CEP: 88034-132

 +55 (48) 3879-9328